a very silent murder


Taking a break to sketch a bit of fan art. I’ve been dying to draw Annie. She’s my favourite AoT character so far and I like her design the best.

Mélanie Laurent - Madame Figaro - July 2014

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imagine one half of your otp wearing this shirt unironically, they said



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Favorite characters: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

"I learned love from sacrifice. I learned love from living. And no matter where I’ve gone, or what I’ve done— all the dark things I do not regret, but will never speak of— that is the one part of me that I have always kept safe.Tolstoy will live forever. Some people do. But that’s not enough. It’s not the lenght of a life that matters…just the depth of it. The chances we take. The paths we choose. How we go on after our hearts break. Hearts always break. And so we bend with our hearts. And we sway. But in the end…what matters is that we loved…and lived."

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chris evans ice bucket challenge!

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(blank staring at photoshop for 3 hours)

i think im frustrated

(draws bloody levi)

i think i feel better now

whatever i needed some fun time and not care about correct anatomy or real life shit ;_;

maybe i’ll work on this more later but feeling so drained right now

I think you’re the first person I see on this website who has been somewhere else than other than Paris when in France, that’s so great!

dude i adore normandy so much - i went before with my school to tour some WWI and II battlefields

paris is lovely no we know it’s not but paris doesn’t equal france, same way london doesn’t equal england and i get so aggravated when people claim to have visited either country, when really all they did was spend a few hours in the capital

i’m in france and the wine is so good and so cheap i could cry

also little cottages with a lot of land here in normandy are also dirt cheap i know where i’m retiring


Traditional Chinese Wedding

Traditional costume and headwear

待我长发及腰,少年娶我可好。待你青丝绾正,铺十里红妆可愿。 却怕长发及腰,少年倾心他人。待你青丝绾正,笑看君怀她笑颜。 —— 何晓道《十里红妆女儿梦》